♥ Checklist Year 2012 ♥

:: Back home at least every 2 months. (Checked)
:: Buy a handphone for my dear mum. (Checked)
:: Bring my family for a trip this year.
:: Own an Ipod touch.
:: Paint my room in November.
:: Buy a car in the end of the year.

September, month of #changes

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello guys! I missed the August, I know. Had been such a busy month! Anyway, I just cut my hair 2 weeks ago. How do I look? It takes me a lot of courage to have a fringe and YUP it did make my chubby face even chubby! LOL! However, I enjoy the changes. :)

One more updates for you to know, I am learning Hangul! Yup, going to check another item in my Year 2011 Checklist! :) I was delighted once I realized I can read "다운로드 사이트" which just pop out accidentally in the google page. Answer: "Download site". Planning to at least know how to pronounce Hangul words in 30 days - end of October. Well, I will master you one day! :)

Another changes in September, I am looking for another better job which can give me a better pay. Had been thinking a lot lately and I know I cannot give my family a better living with my current salary. No matter how hard I am trying to spend less and skip meals, I still can't do a saving. Sigh. I am hoping for a good news from XXXXX, which can definitely give me bigger amount, a better working environment, a better future. Wish me luck kay! :D

*footydeliciousnotes: August is the month of #love. My darling bought the novel PS I Love You for me and I purposely spend a month to finish it. Muacks! Thank you darling! ^^

Time to CHANGE! ;)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ok Jingjing! It's BUSY TIME!!! Well buddies, I'm currently have lotsofstuff to-do and planning-to-do. And, right now, it's the time for me to C-H-A-N-G-E (yeah, just want to spell it right :D) my mindset, which, DON'T THINK TOO MUCH AND JUST GO FOR IT! Yeah, don't think too much on how it might be, how it will goes, how if this, how if that. And if you are one like me, let's do it together, move forward, change it if you think your life hasn't gone that far, yet.

I am now learning to be a FedEx girl. Will list down for u guys what I'm planning to do. Gtg babies! Happy FRIDAYYYYY!!! Muacks! <3

Jingjing ♥

Wink! ;)

TECH Cutest Baby Photo Contest

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yeap, this is how i look like after long time stay in front of my lappy. Feeling dizzy too. However, just hope that my lappy won't get sick. The brightness is max already though it looks like the button is just at the middle.

Anyway, kinda busy these few days. Hyper tension. Hyper bad memories. Cannot remember most of the stuff, lately, and it's like badly. And, I'm also facing seriously hair-dropped. Ok I don't wanna be bald. :( Still have no actions, yet but soon. After the busy session am facing right now... :S

So, straight forward as I'm little lack of extra time now..

Here's a TECH Cutest Baby Photo Contest! :)It's open to all 0-48 months old babies/toddlers. As long as you're a human, and you have a cutie kid at home, just submit his/her recent photo to contest@k-director.com. :) They welcome all people to join, no matter what races you are, no matter which nationality you are! Cool, rite? :)

For more details, please click HERE

Ohh, and.... They are giving away CASHHH + ANGRY BIRD Soft Toys up to RM530 as prizes! Are you an Angry Bird lovers? JOIN NOW! :)

Photoshop Brush Lesson #1

Sunday, May 22, 2011

❥Hi there! Finally there's a second post before May ends. ; ) Recently I could hardly log in here for updates though I online all the time! T^T Okok, will update you guys more frequent k? ; )

Anyway, this morning woke up very early at 7am and was about to finishing my work. However, it turns up doodling something on my Photoshop canvas. ;P

(Click to view larger picture)
Title: "You're Not Alone..."
Artist (kononnya): jingjing
Year: 22nd May, 2011
Material: Photoshop Brush + Photoshop Gradient

Ok guys! LOL I xhebat okay. I can't draw this at Photoshop. XP All I'm using is a few of Photoshop Brush, edit a bit and using Photoshop Gradient. And btw, I'm just a beginner so don't complain lahh.. If it's nice then feel free to like this post lor! xoxo ^^,

OK, let's move forward. Please feel free to click the link below if you would like to download the brush yah! ;)

  • GRASS: The Grasslands / BRUSH: Sample Brush #27, #28, #31, #32, #33, #34, #35
By the way, so sorry coz I forgot the source for my little girl brush. :( Actually that brush has 2 person figure. I erase a figure of a lady and keep the little girl. Then, I add a balloon on her hand as if she's looking for a hope.

So, that's it! Easy right? Now everybody can be creative as the brush are seriously AWESOME & CREATIVE! Ok I have to get back to work and you guys enjoy yourself! I'm sure you all can come out with something greater! :)❥

14th May, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Broken hearted..

April ^^3

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello bloggers! Has been a month! Yah a month I didn't update my blog. So, to pay you guys something in return, I had renew my header! T-a-d-a-a-n-g-g-g!!! How is it? Hehe. Was just thinking that there had been long time I didn't "DIY" my blog. Haha. And this is first step! :)

Anyway, it's #SATURDAY! Okay for today's plan, I should have a swim this morning. ;P Cancelled due to laziness attacking me. Then I should go to KL International Book Fair 2011 at PWTC. It's final 2 days alreday but yet I still lying on my bed and with my lappy on top of my belly? lol. Actually I was planning to go with my Mr. Polar Bear since a month ago but YAH HE HAS TO WORK TODAY! >___< Merajukkk! haha. Anyway, take it easy! Take it easy!!! ;P

Oh, will back blogging again later k? My dear polar bear is calling! :P

:: 人生中的难题 ::

Monday, March 28, 2011











:: 伤口 ::

Sunday, February 27, 2011

昨天早上起床时,发现手上无端端地多了个伤口。。就在手肘那里。 真讨厌。每天都会有新伤口,尤其是在手的部分。三个星期前,右手食指的皮裂开了,现在已完全复原。两个星期前,轮到右手拇指的皮裂开了。现在复原七七八八。上个星期左手的中指烫伤了,起了泡。到现在都还疼着。。








P/S: 我最近会较忙哦~工作了就没那么有时间上博客~呜呜!会想念你们的!

:: February new mission ::

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Huhu~ Wanna off to bed dy.
3.03am now.
The roosters outside my house dah berkokok dy.
Morning or night nih? Huhu~

Anyway, am runsing bout one thing.
I got my job dy.
But now, I need a part time job for weekend.
Anyone got any good idea or recommend?
Don't kedekut la~ :) Share with me ma. Hehe.

Need more money to make my family a better living.
This is now my "this-month-new-mission" :)
Won't give up.

Uols too! Don't give up. ❤

[p/s] Hehe~ Yah, I owe uols one recipe. Okay2. 3 recipes I know. :) Okay, 2mrw I update!!

:: 8 gone, 7 left ::

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!! :))
Hehe. Baru day 9. 6 days more to enjoy! ^^

Wanna off to bed now. Yawn..
Hehe. K, tomorrow I'll share some recipe! :P
Visit me again here tomorrow yah! :))

Muacks♥!! Nanite, my Mr. Polar Bear.

:: Back to where I belong to =) ::

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hi! Happy Thursday! ^^
Time flies. A month time spending with family now only left 8 days..

CNY is going to end soon too. Another 7 days. :(
Ngek. Dun wan it to end so soon can or not?
Or, make the clock tick slower, perhaps? :(

The moment I appreciate the most throughout this holiday
is when I'm spending my time with my family.
Know what, I was shocked when my mum told me last week
that she realized that I had changed.
No longer that bad-tempered,
but matured.
Haha. Mum, I've grown up. No longer 18 or 20.
But 23 and 3 months now.
Well, 25 according to Lunar Calendar.

Wrinkles are starting to say hi to me.

Well, it also means that you're no longer 36.
I remember your age at 36 clearly.
Coz once I asked your age when we are at our old house,
in the kitchen.
And you answered 36.
Which is also the year my brother came to the world,
came to our family.

36 is gone. 46 is where you are now.
12 years. You're still looking young,
just like 12 years before.
But you're no longer as healthy as before.
Kinda worried, is thinking of canceling my dream looking for
an independent life in other land.

I've to re-plan. 1 year maybe.
After 1 year, perhaps it's time to look after my family.
Sister might be studying uni at that time.
Brother is going to sec school.
Teen. No longer a child.
I know, you can't handle it yourself.
I'll coming back and give you a hand,
I promise.

Just, maybe it's not easy to leave someone.
God, lead my way, please?
I need your wisdom,
I need your guidance.
Light my path,
lead my way...

Say hi to my grandma.
It's last Sunday. My mum, sister and I went to our kebun in my hometown,
Tondong, Bau.
Actually my sis and I are the one who follow my mum and my grandma.
Want to know what we had done?

Bet you won't believe it.
With selipar jepun, track suit (belongs to my Form3 cousin),
I petik lada aka black pepper that you guys used to eat.
Haha. Sorry no photo during we all petik lada.
Not really a right time to have a photoshot session.
Unless you want to fall. Haha.
Spend like 2 hours petik lada,
then we went back (to my hometown house, Bau)
it feels good.

My grandma. Very sihat. 60 plus, almost 70.
Still working, still love kerja kebun,
still love cooking.
Eh nope, I love her cooking!

My uncle. Single and available.
Bila you mau kahwin, uncle?
Haha. I want more cousin leh!

Introduce you all to my mum. :)
She's 46. Yes, she is. :)

Mummy, I love you~

Mummy, I love you in this picture.
Will be my best picture of the year.
Love your laughter,
it makes me remembers your laughter forever.

I really hope of coming back very soon.
I miss here already.
Miss my family.
I want to back to where I belong to.
My hometown,
my family,
my mum...

:: When ur ex engaged ::

Sunday, February 6, 2011

If you shivered once you saw your ex's current engagement photo,
what does that means?

Dar, hug me tight. Tell me that the one I love is you...

5/2 = Moody

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hi! Sorry I've been away for so long and left this blog not updated. Well anyway, firstly let me greet every Chinese in every corner of the world, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Wish everyone and your loved ones good health and great wealth in the Year of the Golden Rabbit! :)

For your information, I'm currently in Kuching my hometown! Back here on 21st Jan and will stay here till 18th Feb. Know why? :)) Well, sorry for not updating my latest status here. Hehe. I'm finally employed! :))) Finally I got my job! First mission in this new year of 2011 is achieved! Thanks to everyone who had always been around me during my hard times. :) Especially to my Mr. Polar Bear, Farin, Kechik, my Technical gang, Leesan, SuetNie and lots lots more! They have been very caring when I'm jobless... Thanks agaiN! :)

My company will be Pelangi Publishing. Yes, the reference books that we are all very familiar with during our shcool time! :) It's located at Bangi. So it's kinda near. No need to wait for train and all. Take bus je. (But still dunno the bas route is how. hahaha! ) Anyway, my job is basically Online Marketing Executive, which is another job post than what I applied for. They offer me this job and I take it as a gift and plan from God. I believed there's a reason for this planning and I will work for a good future with this given opportunity.

However, I'm not really in a good mood today. Just got to know that, my ex. Ehem. Yes, my ex. He is getting engaged today! A bit down. Dunno what to say. So, hope today nobody come to my house. I really no interest in anything right now. Mr. Polar Bear, sorry. Don't mean to hurt you. Actually you don't need to care what I said, you just need to come to me and ignore all my bullshit. But I know you have your limit for you patience, too. So I would rather keep myself in silence now. Hope you would come to me soon. Please?

Got to arrange my emotions a bit.... Bye.

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