♥ Checklist Year 2012 ♥

:: Back home at least every 2 months. (Checked)
:: Buy a handphone for my dear mum. (Checked)
:: Bring my family for a trip this year.
:: Own an Ipod touch.
:: Paint my room in November.
:: Buy a car in the end of the year.

Friends keep me alive

Sunday, May 17, 2009

it has been a while since i last write something here. Well, beside i'm having my exam before this, i was also using all this time refreshing myself as well. ^^

however, the main reason i wrote this post is to say thanks
to all my friends who keep on accompany me all this time~* helping me on my assignments, my exams, McD memories, hug me when i needed a shoulder to cry on the most, and keep on saying that 'jing, everything will be fine no matter what'. Guys, honestly, i really don't think i can stand up by my own self even i always thought maybe i can and hide it allby myself.

Friends, thanks a lot.. u guys make me realize there's much mo
re people who really care about me and love me.. and only with the encouragement by you guys, i manage to stand up firmly..!! THANK YOU!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!! *wink wink* hehe ;p

*~ :: FRIENDS :: ~*

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