♥ Checklist Year 2012 ♥

:: Back home at least every 2 months. (Checked)
:: Buy a handphone for my dear mum. (Checked)
:: Bring my family for a trip this year.
:: Own an Ipod touch.
:: Paint my room in November.
:: Buy a car in the end of the year.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

People are happy. People are now enjoying! But not me.. Still struggling with my FYP. So, don't show off to me that you're free. I'm not free!

Tonight -- finishing as much as I could!

Tomorrow -- Still finishing as much as I could! However, I was asked to help on kerja pendaftaran for my Saturday and Sunday bengkel. Hmm. Photography Workshop.

-- By the way, tomorrow night got Technical Team's Dinner at dunno which hotel.. Forgot dy.. :(

Saturday -- 9am - 5pm - Photography Workshop
-- Night - Packing stuff!

Sunday -- 9am - 5pm - Photography Workshop
-- Night - Pindah rumah!

I'm not free. Very not free. How can I do all this if I not yet finish my FYP??? :(

Bad mood

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Argh! No good mood! ><

1. Sakit badan yang sangat tak selesa! My backbone is pain, my muscles are like after having heavy jogging or swimming. But I didn't! Argh! How many days lagi I have to go through this???

2. House for rent is no longer for us to rent! >< So how? Where to stay? How am I gonna find a room or a house or just a place to stay? When to find? Do I have extra time for that???? Stay at Suet nie's house? How much we have to spend for transport then????

3. Coding data still in process. When can I finish it?

4. Tomorrow exam! What had I study???

No more questions please.. Enough for all this.. I have no extra time for other stuff... And I feel like crying now... ...

Exam - Down - Up!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey people! I had my exam yesterday at 3.30pm and it's bad.. It's not good. It's disappointment.. It's sad.. Honestly I dunno how to answer the case study. What I study doesn't seem to come out in the exam. All the classical theories until contingency theories, leadership, planning.. Hmm.. I was scared enough when I'm out from the exam hall and people are discuss their answer.. Hmm.. I know I might have wrong answer dy.. From 40 marks, I have 15 marks answer with my own opinion.. Haha. Hmm..

So after reach my hostel, I shop! For long time I never shop things that I wanted (at H-Mart je lah :P), I bought sweets, keropok ketam, keropok ikan for my kittens, new pen (as my pen's ink finished yesterday during exam), raisins, and I bought dinner. So everything cost me RM10. I was happy after buying things and after see my kittens eat the fish keropok. :)

Anyway, Suet Nie, please say thanks again for your mum! :) See, your mum never meet me and never know who am I.. But she did a lot for me.. More than a stranger do.. Thanks for letting me feel like at home.. Thanks a lot.. I was touched when you bring lunch from home for me.. Bring drinking water from home for me.. And help me sew my pants.. Hoho.. See I'm touched again! Hehe. Remember say thanks to your lovely mum and don't jealous yah Suet! Hehe.. :P

Okiesh.. Am gonna coding data again! And Jay is going to back from Perlis today! Yeay! :)

1 from 6

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey.. Huh.. I just managed to settle 1 masa siaran from 6 masa siaran I should do.. Huh.. But it's getting better.. Take nearly 10 hours to coding data for only 4 hours! still got 12 hours to kaji.. Gambateh Jj! Well, will stop coding data now.. Bath, dinner then study for tomorrow's exam! Huh.. Give me strength, God!

By the way! Jay! I'm jealous!!!!! Somebody bought new hp! Wheewitttt! hehehe

Borang Kodan

This is just the beginning.. Don't give up, Jing Jing! ^^V

P/S: Actually kinda ting tong.. dat's y main2 kejap yah.. hehe.. alright.. Back to work! :)


I wanna cry arh.. Huh.. Baru coding data from 8am - 9am.. Dah pening!!! Huh.. Still got 15 hours to go! Come on Jing Jing! Huk.. Got some questions takut je buat salah.. Haiz.. Nvm lah.. Buat dulu.. Huh


LOADING... ...

P/S: I'm in this kind of process right now.. Many things happen recently and somehow, I dunno how to face it. But however, it's my punishment for all what I've done. I accept it as my punishment, but I do hope to have a chance to be forgiven.. I was trying to see it from positive site and try not to do the flash back again coz it won't help in this kind of condition right? Dr. Asiah is not only guiding me in doing my work right, but she's guiding me in my life. To face the reality of life, to be brave and go through all the hardships.. Everyone has someone in their life, a special one, to be with you, to help you when you're going hard times. But I never thought that it would be her.. And I thanks God for all the wonders He had done and planned for me.. Jay, thanks for the moment and I apologize if I said anything wrong... Sorry ya dear? As for friends, I have friends those who really care about me and be with me all this while and helping me.. Guys, thanks a lot.. ... Thanks...

For Jay

Monday, April 19, 2010


:( Cannot message or call you.. Sad.. :( Plus now sakit pewut.. Huk.. Panadol da abes.. Huk.. :( And you're so far away.. Huk.. Hungry.. And no more special delivery.. Huk.. :( Kerja tak siap lagi.. And tak dpt nak message you.. Huk.. :( Miss you....... :(

Nak you call call... :(


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ehem! Ehem! hahaha! Wait, back again. Just wanna inform my friends that though my Facebook is still activate, but ho..

Hahahaha! I didn't have the password.

Well, actually I asked Jay to change the password for me so that I won't spend my days or weeks? Haha. Well, on those facebook games and stuff.

For example, I need to clear and cook my dishes in Cafe World, then Hotel City (the new game I just joined), PetVille & Pet Society.

Hahaha! So, currently status: CAN'T LOG IN FACEBOOK! ^^v

Anything just SMS me yah!

in the process back to normal

Yuhuuu! Jing's back! Anyway, latest news about jing? Hmm. I'm currently in the process of *pengjimatan!* Huh. I goreng bihun this morning with egg and bihun + perencah udang. Then now having *telur rebus* as my lunchner! >__<

Anyway, I am now very sakit telinga heard words like counting time, countdown to anything. Huh. I had things not yet done and I had to make it done before I left this uni. >__<

By the way, Jay left me for a week! *Sob sob* He back his hometown dy for a week and was thinking how to go through a week without him! Huk.. Hope he enjoy the time being with his family though.. Will be mishing u! :')

Random Quiz

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!!!
Big Mac or Whopper: =.= I don't want both..
Coke or Pepsi : Coke
Beer or Wine: Beer taste nicer. :)
Coffee or Tea: Tea please?
Apple Juice or O.J.: Orange! Orange! Orange!!!
Facebook or MySpace: Facebook of course! MySpace seems complicated je...
Summer or Winter: Oh *love* Winter!
Windows or Mac: Oh, do I need to say?
Cats or Dogs: Cats!
Boxers or Briefs: Hmm.. My preference for my future hubby ker? Hehe. I don't mind :)
Rain or Shine : Rain...
Chips or Popcorn: Chips!
Salty or Sweet: Sweety Sweeto Sweeeta!
Plane or Boat: Plane
Morning or Night: Night. :)
Movie or Play: I love both!
Walk or Drive: Walk when I'm emo, Drive when I'm brave enough!
Money or Love: Love.
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner
Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgive
Paint or Wallpaper: Paint.
House or Apartment: Apartment first choice! :)
Truth or Dare: I want truth, my dear.
Contacts or Glasses: I owned glasses for more than 10 years! So I wish for contacts :)
Root beer or Dr. Pepper: ROot beer.
Skiing or Boarding: Both Both Both!!!
Silver or Gold: Depends. :)
Diamond or pearl: Diamond! :)
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset and sunrise. They have their own beauty..
Phone or in person: Phone
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Eldest!
Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor is fun!

Leave me alone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leave me alone. Not in the good mood and don't ask me anything. Don't ask. Just let me be. Will be okay soon. Thanks..

*Special Delivery*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Got my *special delivery* from Jay just now! :) THANKS Jay! ^^3


Monday, April 12, 2010




guide me.

I'm lost..


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Am trying. Am doing it. But why I need so much time to do it? Hmm. Focus. Focus. FOCUS! Jing. Keep going.

good night.

:( Not happy. Gonna sleep. Lights off. Night. :(

From Jay.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A text message from Jay today at 6.35pm. A message that drops my tears. I wrote it on a paper and put in on my soft board. To remind me every second. Stay focus. Jing, think of the people who loves you and help you all this moment.. Your life is not yours alone. Think about your family.. Who put so much hope on you.. ... Have faith, Jing. Never be afraid to stand up and go through the tough moment. Hang on there. There's hope...

... ...

Thanks, Jay.


Lunch with Lurve

Gonna lunch with Jay @ Hentian Kajang and buy some daily stuff too. Weee! Long time din chat with him dy. Oh ya, Jay buy me dinner yesterday and he send it to my kolej.. *Terharu!* hehe. He bought rice, tauge & tomyam chicken. :) Thanks Jay! *lurve* hehe. Okay, I know. Don't vomit at my page. Hahaha! Bye~

Beautiful Morning

Thanks God, for the rains.. Love this weather! :) Woke up at 6am and I smells the rain. Makes me feels like I'm at home. Cozy bed, cool weather. Flash back my memories when I was at home.

Yah, miss my family.. I remembered last time once wake up in the morning of one of the Saturday, then go to the market buy some food to cook. Raining, too. Haha. My flash back is like in the movie whey. Like, extreme close up at the my mom's leg and mine stepping on the water at the floor, cut to close up on us, my mom's hand on my shoulder, another hand holding umbrella, cut to high angle the purple umbrella and us. Hahaha. And all are in slow motion. What lah! Dreaming! Lalalala~ Just ignore me. *laugh*

Well, had my breakfast dy. Maggi curry and a cup of Neslo. :) Oh ya, before had my breakfast, I clean up my kitten's cloth that I put in their box. They Shh Shh at first. Who knows when I put another cloth in the box, they um um pulak. =.= So, clean again. Huh.. No wonder just now not even one wanted to go in the box. It's smelly rupanya. Now they are in the box, sleeping peacefully.. Love them!

Anyway, haha. Ya lah. I know lah. Now continue my work. So back to you after I had any improvement yah! :)


Friday, April 9, 2010

Anyway, when I was uploading the pics just now, I saw the lightning outside my window and it was like so near!

And I actually had close my curtain but I still can see the lightning.

Huk.. Takut!!!!

Where's my Superman? Come and save meeeeeee!!!!!!! hahahahaha

P/S: Jay, are you willing to be the Superman? Hik Hik Hik..

Kittys are B-A-C-K!!!

Hey people, the long story will tell u other day yah! These are the little kittens I meant in my last blog post! HEhE.. I just let the pic do the talking yah! It's raining heavily outside.. *Takuttt!* hehe.. Enjoy~ :)

"I'm the naughtiest! Gagagagaga! :P"

These is what we call, "Mom"... Every mom are the same.
No matter a human, or an animal.

"Nyum.. Nyum.. Nyumm.." It's delicious, for a baby.
But who knows how a mother feels when feeding their baby?
Only mother knows...

They drink for around fifteen minutes.. And they turn up....


Hehe.. Sayaaaaaaaaaang! them!!!

See how cozy the babies are under their mother's arm?
Get your mom a call if she's still here. She misses you.. :)
But if you mom's no longer here, don't be sad..
I believe she don't want to see you sad..
She's at the better place.. :)

The brown kitten: "Ewww... You snores!"
The bottom brown kitten: "Emm... zzzZzzzzz....."

The brown kitten: "Hmm.. Now is better... ... zzzZzzzz...."

The bottom brown kitten: "Oohh! You don't snores but you stink! I don't want u!"

The brown kitten: "Okay.. Whatever... zzZZzzzz... ..."

Oopps! Awake pulak! hehehe.. Shhh.... Okok.. Go sleep lah... Mmmuacks!

From :( to :) to :(

From :( to :) to :(

is because merajuk with Jay.

is because when I wanna go for my bath, I heard meowing from the staircase. Know what? There are 4 kittens! 2 in cream color, one strip with black and white and 1 in black. It's the black cat's kittens. So cute and so adorable. Manage to sayang two of them, the cream color and the strip one. Sayang them, put them on my legs.. :)

They make me sit at the staircase with sun shinning on me. But then, a girl come and took 2 of the black and cream one. As they are so naughty go down the staircase. Probably the girl wanted to bela them. :( Then the sad things come. She come up the staircase and took the another cream kitten.

So sad. Left the strip kitten alone, meowing on his brothers and sisters. The mother cat try to comfort him, came down from the roof and be with him. Then she go down and find her other kittens. Hmm.. Suddenly the girl came again. Asking me whether I want to take that kitten or not. I not yet ready to response but she took it dy. :( I still thought wanna have one or two of them and bring to KL during my internship..

So now, I was so sad.. I miss them.. Not yet ready to take picture with them and they are already taken.. I pray for their health and being happy with their tuan baru.. :'( Will miss you all.. Huk.. Still can't stop dropping my tears.. :'(

Keep on trying!

Anyway, need to back to my work. :( Miss him, Jay. :( Don't like it whenever we are in "temporary COLD war!" :( Don't like it. :( :( :(

P/S: Please allow me to upload this tak-de-kaitan photo. Took it last year during the cat's exhibition at the Spring, Kuching. Cute? :) Tries to be happy though.. :(




Arghh! Motif want to gaduh with me at this time???


Let's ROAR!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey, i was just back from my lunch with anne & leesan. Haha! Chit chatting till 4 something.. Hmm.. Now, let's start the engine and keep going! Huh.. But ho, wait ar.. Mandi first! Hahahahha! Damn hot okay!

Anyway, sambil juga wanna tell you all that I and my friends who are going to RTM for intern had found a house to rent and stay there. Flat, I think. And it's kinda near RTM. So, easier to go for work. Just will be very poor je during this intern. Huk.. Pay for rent, food, transport and blah blah blah. Hmm. But it's a chance for me to experience real life outside there, without mummy and daddy sending me to work or coming back home and have mom's cook. Well, it's not that I don't want, just want to be more independent. Have to go through this too in the future. :)

So, talk to you more soon. Gonna pom pom first lah! And then, let's ROAR! [nak copypaste someone said lah:"thesis mode ON!"] LALALALALALA~ hahaha! just ignore it! :P

P/S: Jay, don't be down lah yah! Everything gonna be fine and just don't worry too much yah!

Kitty's Dinner

WeehoooooOo! Just pop out to tell u guys one thing! My kitten eat rice dy!! Weeeeee! Haha! No lah, at first last time he refuse to eat rice. But last night, he ate it all and i actually tambah for him!

Hehe! Well, I bought a packet of rice with ayam goreng and ikan bakar. Then I campur 3/4 of the fish to 1/2 of my rice, then mix it well until it was like blended rice and fish. Then together with the kulit ayam and some of ayam goreng. After mixed well, I gave it to the kitten (Both black & white kitten). And... they finished it!!!! Hahahaha! Happy!!!

But was thinking, who is gonna feed them when I left for my internship then? :( *sad...*

my 3 meals?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakfast : Meggi goreng [only eat 2 spoon though.. =.=]

Lunch : -

Dinner : *prepare for heart attack lah u all~ Haha* Well, TomYam campur + Nasi putih + Jus Tembikai at Village View, Kepak Ayam Panggang Madu + Pedal Ayam Panggang + Jus Tebu, Air Asam boi & Limau, + Durian. I ate all from 6pm till 11pm. Hoolah! :) A way to be happy though! Lurve food, lurve Jay! :P


Hmm.. Anyway, cannot tahan dy. Gonna cook maggi goreng as my breakfast. Then, going to library. What's coming up next to that is, will be going to Hentian Kajang, buy food probably. Buy some chicken or prawn, rice and vegie. Gonna cook! G-R-R-R-R-R-R!!!


Hey people! Miss me? hehehe. Well, back to you ols~ Hmm.. Many story to share with all of you, so which one you wanna hear? School? Assignments? Jay? Food? Haha!

Well, start with school. :) Congrats to Lipstik Production for the hard work all this days and yah, it is worth for it! Haha. Anyway, through the preview day, actually baru we knew that our audio is not good. Haha. Well, not my audio woman's fault. It's mine. Weeeee! Haha. Nevermind, we learn from mistake. Don't really mind how many marks we would get. We are happy and we learn, right? Well, it goes like this. 3 of the talents' voice is very slow and our background music is too loud. All my mistake for asking louder coz what we heard is slower than the recordings. But anyway, it is a good experience to have this mistake for learning. Very useful for future, gonna very alert with audio! (By the way, as a technicalians for 3 years who are still not aware of audio? *SHAMEFUL!*) Hahaha!

Next will be my thesis. Hmm.. It's a long story.. Not gonna tell you all~ Kah kah kah! Secret! But anyway, I hope for good news and I was working on it. Everyday stay in library makes me crazy! Know how crazy it is? Crazy coz starving OK! And I was starve for CRABS, PRAWN AND FISH!!! Geram OKAY! Was so hungry but cannot have these food. And Oh ya, for right now 4 o'clock in the morning and I was actually looking for places where cooks IKAN STIM! Haha. Anyway, anyone has any idea where to have IKAN STIM, KETAM REBUS or any SEAFOOD at the nearer place around Bangi or Kajang? Prices also, please~ Huk Huk.. I was like teringin nak makan gila2 dy.. And yesterday at library, I was actually google Ketam Rebus's recipe! See how hungry I am.. So that night, end up dinner at McD. Thanks to abg Heri aka daddy for pinjam us his car.. Huks.. ... ... seafood... ... ... :(

sumber: http://sazilimohdnor.blogspot.com/2009/01/kawan-kawan-jom-makan-ketam-rebus.html

*Thanks for the photo yah to this blogger! You make me lagi idamkan ketam!*
Huh.. *faint*

By the way, not only seafood. Haha. So do Laksa Sarawak! Haiz.. Miss home~ :(

And also, mee suah at Kuching.. :(

Well, these are the food that last time I had with technicalians at Soho Restaurant, I think. *Miss!* Miss the food, miss the people.. :(


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hmm.. :( Why am I thinking about you at this time? Argh! Everything is over for more than half years. And I will still think back the memories.. I have struggled in my relationship with Jay just because of you. It takes me 6 months to slowly get over you. And now? Please.. Don't come back. All the memories.. Please stay there.. I don't want to miss you. I don't want to think how are you now. I don't want to care who you are with right now. Arghhh! What in the earth that I still have time to think all about this? Oh my goodness.. Memories.. Please stay there.. Don't come and refresh my mind.. I don't want to repeat my mistakes.. Waiting for you had bring me to sorrow.. Loving you had bring me loneliness.. Though I desire your love for so long but please.. Memories.. I beg you for not coming back.. Coz I wish to have my new life.. My new life with Jay..

A message to myself


Enjoy what you're doing right now. You will reach the finish line. Just keep climbing. Don't worry if you are falling down. Coz you had learn how to stand up again. Don't look back. Just keep going. Enjoy the moment. Coz it will be much easier for you to go through. Don't think of the past which brings you the pain. Enjoy the scene besides you while you are climbing. Try to find the peace and the rhythm. You can do it! :)

Hey people! Sorry. I am with my earphone. So, no phone calls, no message. I will be back after I finish render my video, and also Midas final report. See yoU! :)

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