♥ Checklist Year 2012 ♥

:: Back home at least every 2 months. (Checked)
:: Buy a handphone for my dear mum. (Checked)
:: Bring my family for a trip this year.
:: Own an Ipod touch.
:: Paint my room in November.
:: Buy a car in the end of the year.

Friday, December 31, 2010

i.. am giving up...

:: There's A Hero In You ::

Thursday, December 30, 2010

There's time when I feel so helpless

and no stars could be seen in the sky,

as if hopes are all gone

as if it's too hard to carry on

as if maybe it's the end of life

But I've always almost forgotten,

that even there's no stars,

the moon is always shine brightly in the corner of the dark

There's just some moment when things are out of control

when dreams shattered

when people deny you

when you started not to believe on yourself..

Please hold on...

There's always a voice telling me to do the right thing

I should search the strength inside me,

Build the faith on myself

and carry on..

Dedicate this song, Hero - Mariah Carey to whoever feels hopeless and thinking of giving up.. You, you're precious and you can only get up by yourself, find the hero inside you, stand up and carry on.. You're strong, and don't think that it's an end, it's always another beginning...

There's a hero If you look inside your heart

You don't have to be afraid Of what you are

There's an answer If you reach into your soul

And the sorrow that you know Will melt away

And then a hero comes along

With the strength to carry on

And you cast your fears aside

And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone

Look inside you and be strong

And you'll finally see the truth

That a hero lies in you

It's a long road, when you face the world alone

No one reaches out a hand For you to hold

You can find love If you search within yourself

And the emptiness you felt Will disappear

And then a hero comes along

With the strength to carry on

And you cast your fears aside

And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone

Look inside you and be strong

And you'll finally see the truth

That a hero lies in you

Lord knows Dreams are hard to follow

But don't let anyone Tear them away

Hold on there will be tomorrow In time You'll find the way

And then a hero comes along

With the strength to carry on

And you cast your fears aside

And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone

Look inside you and be strong

And you'll finally see the truth

That a hero lies in you

:: Busy weeks ::

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi uols! :) Apa khabar? Sawatdeekha~ How are you? 你们好吗?Annyong Haseyo! Haha~ Ye ye, I know all of you sihat walafiat.. Coz still can jenguk-jenguk my blog! Kan? :) If feeling unwell then make sure take some medicine or see Mr. Doctor ye~ :)

Hmm.. Anyway, do you guys know that every graduates will have the same kind of so called "interview session" by EVERYBODY! Aunty, uncle, lecturers, close friends, long-lost friends! Urgh. Okay fine. No problem for asking and care about us okay. Questions like:

number 1, what's your plan after this?

number 2, have you applied any job?/what job you got?

Guys, if you got your job dy, seriously, congrates!! coz you no need to go through again the "interview session"!!! :D

For me, yah, still jobless. ^^ But I'm no longer in depressed baby. See, everyone has their own blessing from God. In Malay, we say, semua orang ada rezekinya sendiri. In Chinese, we say, 神赐给我们每一个人都有不同的恩典。I'm not having a permanent job now like other ex-coursemates, now. But I'm not doing nothing in my life day by day. Maybe what I'm doing now seems nothing for you all, but it's useful for my life!

I'm learning writing Jawi, learning play guitar, improving my cooking skills, and currently helping my uni cultural centre, which we called it as Pusat Kebudayaan UKM. In short, I called it as PUSKEB. I am working as a volunteer. I don't ask anything from them. I just wanted to join and help, and I learned! Though 3 years I have spent in Puskeb, but I was still learning how to run an event. You might see it as nothing. Useless. But it's precious moment for me!

You asked me what I'm doing now. I answered still looking for a job.

You asked again WHY I still couldn't find a job. Hellooooo? Ask God. K? I a-m doing, trying to get a job. Who doesn't want a permanent job?

You asked me again, y working volunteer? You don't want money? Helloooooo?? Who don't need income to survive? What kind of question is that??! Then you asked, what kind of you are you looking? As a reporter? I answered, I don't mind. If it's for me, I will take it. But I hope not reporter.

THEN,,,,, you asked AGAIN. Why you want a job which is not in your studies?

Okay, like this. In my eyes, what I study, is a knowledge. If I could get a job in this field, that's a gift from God. However, I don't think that what you study should be your future. Com'on!! Why you wanted to fix your life in a box? There's soooooo many things in this world that I wanted to learn! If I said, I wanted to be a wedding planner, own a shop, doing one-stop service from planning to services like video & photography shooting, and meanwhile, I wanted to own a kindergarten school together with my mom, are you shocked? People, we all have dreams. Don't measure success, baby. Success is different for everyone. If I could be a good guitar player, I'm successful! If I could bought a car for my mom, I'm successful! Dream is what lead people to move forward and never give up. I didn't say that I will get what I dreamed, but maybe it will lead me to another journey which is better plan from God to me.

I've joined "The Largest Guitar Performance" event listed in Malaysia Guinness Book of Record as LO. 1000+ of guitarist! Seriously, this is the best event I ever joined! One week staying in UKM again to help up the registration and workshop, then the show. And, we all get a free guitar as a return. :) A gift. We all never expect anything, just to help since Puskeb really need us to be secretariat. People, A GUITAR! It's listed in my life-time wish list, okay? And I got it now. One checked!!! :)

1st of December, going to Istana Budaya helping up Puskeb for the soft launch of FEStKUM 2010. And we all are given a gift again! Free Natrah Theather show okay!!! :) Seriously unexpected! :)

Starting tomorrow, will be back to UKM again maybe until 15th or 16th, then heading to North, maybe UiTM, Unimap, USM or UUM. Either one. Coz we all will divided into groups for this FEStKUM event. Another trip! :) Excited! So maybe will update with you all again end of this month! hehe.. See you all again soon! Muacks! ^^

:: Unintended ::

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hi you all! :) Now is 5.27am. Haha. And, I not yet have my beauty sleep. Had fallen asleep a while at night, but woke up too then. Anyway, back to the topic. Just get to know this song actually. Am seriously into it! Unintended by Muse.

- Dedicated to my Mr. Jay. Almost drop my tears when first listen to this song. No Jay, you're not "could be" my unintended. You are. :) -

Here's the lyrics. You can listen it through my blog too. Just scroll to the very bottom of the page, and you'll see the MixPod.com player. Click on the song and sing along with the lyrics if you want. :) Have a wonderful Saturday! ~\(^o^)/~

Unintended - Muse

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You could be the one I'll always love
You could be the one who listens to my deepest inquisitions
You could be the one I'll always love

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

First there was the one who challenged
All my dreams and all my balance
She could never be as good as you

You could be my unintended
Choice to live my life extended
You should be the one I'll always love

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

I'll be there as soon as I can
But I'm busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before

Before you

LOVE NOTE: anyway people, do you realize something is different in my blog? Hehe. New background, new songs, and you saw my signature at the bottom of the post? :) Enjoying myself customize my blog so that you guys will enjoy more too.

However, I still dunno how to make the [Labels] from like a list down to a bunch of them altogether so that it won't look so boring. If you do know, then share with me ya! :)

Miss Jingjing is now on her way to her dream.. Good night dear all! :)

:: New Blogger Icon ::

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yipee yaya yipee yipee yaaa! Hehe :D

Very happy after I had changed my blogger icon from the letter B to this picture below. Or you can see the new icon on your web page browser. :) I made it myself, bulat2 je, ala-ala nak colourful gituu.. hehe.. So now, this blog officially use the new blogger icon started today 11 November 2010! Yeay! Thanks to the website which teach me. Very easy. You guys can click here. Enjoy and have a nice day! :) Don't forget to share later on yah! :)

:: 11 November 2010 ::


Hi semua! :D I pun tak tau ni nk ucap selamat pagi ke selamat malam.. Maklumlah sekarang ni pukul 4.22 pagi.. Hahaha~ Inilah kesannya akibat daripada tidur awal sangat. I rasa I terlelap pukul 11 malam tadi kot. Terbangun lak pukul 12.30pagi. :S (Kalau nak tau tu pulak ialah kesan makan terlampau kenyang. ^^ Dah sekian lama tidak pernah I habiskan Pecal Ayam seorang. Selama ini I akan bahagikan nasi separuh kepada Jay and ayam kepak hanya ambil yang tengah tu je.. =.= Memandangkan Jay tak dapat nak teman I malam ini, terpaksalah I habiskan semua makanan dalam pinggan.. Memang kenyang gile2! Btw, thanks Kak Siti belanja mamam! :D) Kak Siti tu housemate I terchinta! Nak kirim salam I boleh tolong kirimkan~ hehe.. :)

Oh ya, kalau nak rasa pecal ayam tu, ia terletak di Pusat Hentian Kajang, depan kedai mamak Shakers. Kat situ memang famous dengan pecal lele. (Ngehehe.. sorry gambar tak de lak.. Next time k? :D)

Awal-awal pagi ni dok bosan pulak.. :( Jay ada dekat Bentong, Pahang, kawan-kawan semuanya tengah dibuai mimpi.. Huhu.. Jadi I ni ape lagi, layan blog Teratak Dayang_Jack. Kepada yang suka cari resipe2 masakan, bolehlah jenguk blog ni. I suka sangat setiap kali jenguk2 blog ni. Rasa macam nak masak terus je! Haha. Tengah belajar cara nak masak nasi lemak and sambal sebenarnya ni.. Dah pernah try masak sambal.. Tapi.. Tapi.. Hahaha.. Entahlah.. I rasa macam tak sesedap yang I makan dekat kedai ataupun yang dimasak oleh Kak Siti jer! Hahahaha.. Anyway, Asam Rebus Udang dalam blog tu macam menarik and simple je. Maybe nak try esok! Ahaks! Boleh makan udang sbb Jay xde! Hehe.. Jay makan sotong, ayam, daging n ikan laut je tau! Pilih makan tol.. hehehe..

Sambil-sambil tu I juga edit gambar sikit-sikit. Baru dapat belajar cara nak blur kan bahagian-bahagian dalam gambar yang kita rasa perlu untuk menfokuskan lagi subjek. Dulu I pakai jer blur tool. Tapi kan, macam kurang memuaskan. Sebenarnya yang I belajar tu ialah dia nak licinkan permukaan kulit model dalam gambar. Tapi I pakai tuk blur kan gambar pulak. Haha. Tak pe lah.. Janji rasa memuaskan dengan hasil gambar. Kan? :D

Gambar ini menggunakan teknik blur di belakang subjek yang chomel tu~ Tujuan tentulah untuk menfokuskan subjek tu! hehe. Anyway, subjek ini telah ditouchupkan sedikit dengan makeup digital iaitu menggunakan Photoshop. :D Gambar ni amek time nak buka puasa di Pizza Hut Warta Bangi dengan Jay. :)

Gambar ini ada juga guna teknik blur. Tapi macam tak nampak sangat. Hahaha! Oh ni baju kurung sebab pergi kenduri dengan Jay pada Ahad yang lepas! Hari yang riang! :D

Bawah ni gambar-gambar semasa I lepak-lepak dengan sahabat-sahabat I (Kechik, Ella, Aini) di Iceroom-Bangi pada 09 November 2010. Hari yang menceriakan! :D I suke gilee x3 dengan snow ice durian yang I makan tu. Shedap gile! Seriously! :) Next time boleh bawa Jay pergi. Kitorang addicted dengan durian! :D

Snow Ice Durian :: Kiri Atas ::
Snow Ice Yam :: Kiri Bawah ::
Snow Ice Strawberry :: Kanan Atas ::
Snow Ice Blueberry :: Kanan Bawah ::

I akan suggest kalian makan yang perisa durian dan yam. Kerana menggunakan perasa asli (kot). Tapi yang strawberry dan blueberry memang sesangat manis! Pendek kata macam makan jem roti. :D

Kalian, yang baju pink tu Ella namanya. Jay panggil dia freehair! :D
Yang bertudung chomel tu namanya Aini. Nak lawat blog dia? Silakan na.. klick
Yang lelaki tu yang buat-buat chomel tu nama dia Azrin. Tapi kitorang panggil dia Kecik je. I pun tak tahu nape panggil dia Kecik. Mungkin dia ingat dia kecik sangat kot. Hahaha. Tapi kan, dia takut bangat dengan sesuatu yang kecik-kecik.. Kan kan? Cuba teka. hahaha :D

Tengok gambar last ni mesti kalian nak kata I tamak kan? Hahahaha!
Kalian pun pergi lah makan kat situ, then bagitau kat I ape lagi yang sedap na! :D

Jingjing ❤

p/s:: Kalian, ni dah pukul 6 pagi dah.. :S Time tuk I titon! Juga Time Jay baru nak bangun lepas tido berapa jam je.. Baru je Jay sampai di Bentong pukul 2 pagi tadi, then terus practice kejap sampai pukul 3 pagi.. Kesian dia penat.. Gambate Kudasai Jay! Minggu ni tak dapat kami bersua.. Huk huk.. Tak pe.. I menanti saat-saatnya. :)

[Made In November]

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Moooorninggg!!! :) I'm happy this morning, being grateful. Though lately I could hardly fall asleep as I wanted to. I think I'm getting older probably? Haha. Eh, seriously, I'm going to be 23 soon! >___< Tak nak boleh tak? I miss my days when I'm still 16 to 19.. Seriously.. :( Hmm.. Suddenly miss all my Kuching friends.. :) Going to make sure myself meeting them in January or February!

Oh oh, back to the topic. I was facebooking this morning, then I found this application [Kajian Bulan Lahir] according to YB Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah. Weeee! Mine is November, so I get these jawapan yang I rasa ada yang sesuai ada yang tak sesuai with me. Haha. People who close to me will know. :D

P/S: I memang agak pelik sikit.. I tahu.. Hahahahahhaa. Jay, sorry menyusahkan you selalu~ Sayang kamu.. :)

Sifat Bulan Lahir untuk bulan November ialah:

[][] Banyak idea dalam perkara.
[][] Sukar untuk dimengertikan atau difahami sikapnya.
[][] Berfikiran kehadapan.
[][] Berfikiran unik dan bijak.
[][] Penuh dengan idea-idea baru yang luarbiasa.
[][] Pemikiran yang tajam.
[][] Daya firasat yang sangat halus dan tinggi.
[][] Sesuai jadi seorang doktor.
[][] Cermat dan teliti.
[][] Personaliti yang dinamik.
[][] Sifat yang berahsia, pandai mencungkil dan mencari rahsia.
[][] Banyak berfikir, kurang bercakap tetapi mesra.
[][] Berani, pemurah setia dan banyak kesabaran.
[][] Terlalu degil dan keras hati.
[][] Apabila berkehendak sesuatu, akan diusahakan sehingga berjaya.
[][] Tak suka marah kecuali digugat.
[][] Mudah ambil berat terhadap orang lain.
[][] Pandai muhasabah diri.
[][] Cara berfikir yang lain dari orang lain.
[][] Otak yang sangat tajam.
[][] Pandai mendorong diri sendiri.
[][] Tidak hargai pujian.
[][] Kekuatan semangat dan daya juang yang sangat tinggi apabila berkehendak sesuatu.
[][] Cuba sampai berjaya.
[][] Badan yang sasa.
[][] Kasih sayang dan emosi yang sangat mendalam dan romantik.
[][] Tidak pasti dengan hubungan kasih sayang.
[][] Suka duduk di rumah.
[][] Sangat rajin dan berkemampuan tinggi.
[][] Amanah, jujur, setia dan pandai berahsia.
[][] Tidak berapa berjaya dalam mengawal emosi.
[][] Bercita-cita tinggi.
[][] Perangai tidak dapat diramal dan mudah berubah-ubah.

Dimaklumkan, yang bold tu lah sifat-sifat yang I rasa ada dalam diri I.. Yuppp, I seorang yang sukar diramal, sentiasa berubah, sukar diketahui tujuan kelakuan I..

Tapi kan, ada beberapa orang je boleh tahu I yang sebenar. Tentulah family I terchinta, mak I, Jay, Alan and Suet Nie.. Mereka kan, tahu I ada masalah atau tidak gembira meskipun apa yang ditunjukkan secara luaran adalah yang sebaliknya. Mungkin I happy, marah atau buat suatu keputusan, mereka tahu I ada sebab-sebab tertentu yang membuat I bertindak sedemikian..

Ya, I mudah ambil berat tentang orang lain. Terutamanya kawan-kawan dan ahli keluarga. Setiap manusia ada cara-cara diri sendirinya mengambil berat terhadap orang lain. Mungkin secara terus-terang, mungkin secara kelakuan. I jenis yang akan melakukan sesuatu sekiranya I mengambil berat terhadap seseorang. Mungkin diberitahu, mungkin tidak. :)

I bersifat teliti, tapi I rasa inilah juga kelemahan I sebenarnya. Sentiasa akan menghabiskan masa yang lebih banyak untuk menyelesaikan suatu tugasan sebab sifat teliti. Hmm.. Kena ubah kan? :)

Yesssss! I suka dok kat umah! I enjoy my time lepak2 kat umah.. Bersihkan sini sana, kemas sini sana, tonton tv, ubah tempat letak barang2 umah, basuh ini itu.. :) I suke!

Hehehehe... And I orang yang berahsia! :) Usually kawan2 akan dtg kat I then bercerita tentang masalahnya. Tapi kan, xpayah risau.. Sebab I orang yang boleh simpan rahsia.. Niat ialah untuk berkongsi masalah dengan kengkwn.. :)

So, kalau berminat anda boleh click link ini na.. Nanti share share la result.. Enjoy! :)

Making Appointment with Me Rule No. 1

Monday, November 1, 2010


Good day all! :)

Tell you all what, lately I seriously don't like people who like to make last minute appointment! Call now meet now? Urgh! U expected everyone can meet you anytime you want? Argh! Hate it! The best thing to do is to i-g-n-o-r-e! I don't care! Please make it 1 day before or the worst 12 hour before k? Call now meet now? I can't fulfill your wish. That's a kind of respect. Respect the one who you wanted to meet. Sorry for any inconvenience. [Full stop] [Thank you] :)

[suara air mata]

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Cintaku, ingin ku bagi padamu..

Tidak dapat ku nafikan,
kenangan silam terlalu susah bagiku lupakan..

Tapi Jay,


Ku ikhlas ingin lepaskan si dia,
Ku ikhlas ingin cinta padamu..



Cinta 4 Segi

Saturday, October 23, 2010

You, I rasakan, I geram sangat-sangat tadi. Bukan sebab I ternampak you date dengan dia, tapi sebab I yang gatal tangan g tengok page dia and comment-comment dia dalam page you. Bahagianya you. :( I bukan orang macam tu kan? Yang boleh memahami you macam itu.. I rasakan, you mesti suka sangat-sangat, sayang sangat-sangat kat dia.

Honestly kan, I jealous. :(

Tapi kan, I pun ada si dia, yang memahami I macam dia memahami you kot. Tapi kenapa kan, I selalu nampak kekurangan yang ada padanya dan kebaikan pada you sedangkan you yang tinggalkan I?

Cinta 4 segi lah katakan. :)

Lifetime Checklist

Friday, October 22, 2010

Everybody own a wish list, I think. Like, this month, you want to buy a new mascara? Or a pair of new shoes with vibrant color? Hmm.. My wish list? I think the length could be as long as the toilet paper roll kot. Hahahaha!

Okay. This is very personal okay. I mean, sometimes when you tell people what you really want in your life, people might laugh at you. "Keep dreaming." Dah! Don't care so much what people says. This is what I learn recently. Ya lah. Take what they say as a reminder, prove to them that you could do it! Coz however it is your wish list, and you don't wish to be who they want you to be, do you? :)

In the future, I want myself to speak more than 3 language like now. Malay, English, Chinese is just the basic of language to communicate with our same community. I love traveling, though I have not start yet. (No money mah.. you want sponsor? Ngehehe) So, I want myself to speak some other language as stated below:
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Thai
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Hindi
Muahahahaha! Mata terbeliak-beliak dah? Nananana~ You must be thinking that I cannot do it. Yup. I doubt it too. But learn more didn't harm you at all. Just, I don't know how to start. Sometimes I do google and learn here and there. But not much. Currently learning to write Jawi. Seriously, it's fun! (sin alif ya nga! ♥ )

- to be continued.. nak mandi jap.. hehehehe -

Surat kepada X

Dear korang,

Allow me to use Malaysian language ya. :) Kan sekarang TV kita hari-hari berpesan kepada kita supaya menggunakan bahasa kebangsaan. Chewah! Saya ialah salah seorang, kay! Semangat "Bahasa jiwa bangsa" nih! :)

Okaylah, I teruskan kepada niat asal I ye. I nak tulis surat ni bukan kepada korang. Hehe. Tapi korang dah terbaca, tak apalah. I halalkan kay. Hehe. Surat ini ialah kepada seseorang yang ingin saya lepaskan dalam hidup saya setelah sekian lama I simpan dalam hati. Kepada Jay, sekiranya surat ini menimbulkan sebarang kemarahan, I minta maaf ye. Jay kena tahu niat asal I tulis surat ni, ye? :)

Dear X,

You, mesti you tengah bahagia kan sekarang? Bila I nampak you angkat call dan pergi ke suatu tempat yang lebih senyap dan bersembang lama, I tahu you sedang bahagia. Bila I tengok status you dalam Facebook, I tahu you sedang bahagia.

You, dia sangat sabar dengan I. Walaupun I beritahu kepadanya yang I masih tidak rela 100% melupakan you. Dia tunggu. Dengan setianya.

You, adakah sebab di sebalik kita berjumpa, bercinta dan berpisah adalah mengenali jodoh kita yang sebenarnya?

You, kawan-kawan I kata you tidak pernah mencintai I. I tahu bukan begitunya. Kerana I dapat merasainya. I masih boleh mengingati degupan jantung you semasa kita bersama. Cuma I tak tahu, kenapa you tinggalkan I bersendirian. You tidak kesian kat I? You tidak rindu kat I? (I mean selama 2 bulan itu..)

You, cinta I terhadap you selama 3 bulan tersebut, janganlah you meragu-ragu keikhlasan hati ini. Kerana tidak pernah I menipu, tidak pernah I curang kepada cinta kita. Namun, 2 bulan tersebut bagaikan bertahun-tahun kepada I. Disebabkanlah hati ini tidak lagi mampu menampung kesedihan dan keperitan tersebut, I membuatkan keputusan yang seolah-olahnya menusuk pisau dalam hati I sendiri. Sebenarnya, pernah I sangka yang you akan menggenggamkan cinta kita pabila I melepaskannya. Namun tidak. You melepaskan begitu sahaja, dengan kata mendoakan kami bahagia.

I mengenali dia, bukan dengan niat curang. Tetapi dengan niat nak mengenali you. Mungkin you tak tahu, dialah yang memberitahu I keadaan you, emosi you, apa yang you sedang lakukan selama 1 bulan tersebut.

I tidak tahu sejak bila, tapi dia menggembirakan I. Dari kesedihan, dia membawa I kembali kepada hidup asal I. Dia memberikan I senyuman. Keadaan ini seolah-olah pernah berlaku di antara kita, kan? Tapi you, dia sentiasa menganggap you sebagai sahabatnya. You, jangan sesekali menyalahkannya, ye? (Tapi I tahu, mungkin I hanya bertepuk sebelah tangan sahaja selama ini..)

You, dah lebih dari setahun, masih payah bagi I untuk melepaskan you. Sebenarnya, I lagi mengharapkan kita dapat jadi kawan seperti dahulu, kerana ia lagi senang bagi I untuk melepaskan you. Tapi I tahu, tak mungkin..

You, I nak lepaskan you dah, boleh? Walaupun I sentiasa mencuba, tapi setiap kalinya ada apa-apa berita tentang you, I sukar nak mengawal diri untuk tidak mengambil berat tentang you. I tahu, I sedang melakukan sesuatu yang tidak adil bagi dia.. I tahu.. Tapi sekarang, I minta izin untuk lepaskan you, boleh? I nak kan diri I bahagia, nak kan you bahagia. Walaupun I tak tahu sejauhmanakah jodoh I dengan dia, tapi I ingin lebih menghargai dia dalam hidup I, yang menyayangi I dengan sepenuh hatinya.

You, mulai hari ini, I nak lepaskan you, genggamkan cinta si dia kepada I.. I pernah sangat mencintai you, meskipun kita dah berpisah setahun lebih, masih terdapat banyak kalinya I mengalirkan air mata disebabkan oleh you.. Terutamanya hari itu apabila you muncul dalam mimpi I.. Seolah-olahnya ia adalah benar yang you sudi kembali kepada I.. Tapi semuanya mimpi yang tak akan menjadi kenyataan, kan you?

A letter for a friend...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Friend, I miss you...
I miss your laughter, I miss your company,
I miss you...

Many times, I thought I would have the courage to contact you,
But I don't..
I owe you a sorry,
and an explanation..

I knew,
something had change between us..
The way we talk,
the way we say goodbye...

I'm sorry...
Sorry for not telling you what is happening at that moment..
Sorry for kept so long..
Sorry that I thought this would be better..
Sorry for making our friendship getting worse..

Remember once I said,
You're a gift from God to me?
There's once I thought I can live alone,
but God gave me a miracle - you.
I might just be one of your friend that you would give a hand anytime,
but you did mean a lot to me..
When I was having hard time breaking up with my ex,
when I was having hard time with my assignments, exams, final project,
financial problems, family problems,
and you know how to handle my temper,
you know the reason I laugh, the reason I cry...

That night,
when you're having fun with your friend,
I thought you're just around our house's area..
Asking you doing me a favor buy me mineral water is only an excuse,
coz I was worrying about you,
for not coming back home
yet you said just having a dinner.
Once knowing that you were having some drink with your friend,
I was angry..
Angry for not telling me first,
angry that you still go for a drink yet you still need to work for the next morning..
I waited for you, till I fall asleep..
Once I woke up, it's 2am.
and there's no missed call, no sms..
until 4 something, I received you sms,
saying that you're not coming back.
I was angry,
angry that you choose to stay until morning,
angry that you make yourself tired,

I apologize that I didn't tell you,
I thought we would had a time sitting together and talk this out,
but we didn't have the chance..
Not even see each other for a long time..

I do miss you girl, miss to laugh with you every moment,
laugh for anything..
miss the moment we share everything..
miss the moment we cry together..

Lately, there's too much things that I wish to share with someone,
as it is too heavy to bear by oneself..
I wonder,
if you're here,
if I could tell you,
if... ...

... ...

I miss you, Suet Nie...


Friday, June 18, 2010


好想拥有这个喔~ 呜呜~

[任贤齐] 的 创作集 ~ 《音乐旅行者》



呜呜~ 好心人士!我等你送给我这个礼物啦~ 哈哈




好可惜哦~ :(








另外还有一大堆的 “家产” 还没收拾~



真是一塌糊涂~ 哼~


~ 把照片交去学校,好让我毕业时荧幕上不时空白一片的~

~还清债务!图书馆的罚款应该有30多令吉吧?哈哈!还有这实习的学费~ 唉~


好啦,目前就是酱咯~ 好不舍得这里,UKM,西马这一带,有着美好的回忆。。


没办法帮他庆生。。很失望。。。 :(


Thursday, June 17, 2010

哇! 没想到都有2个月没动动我的部落格了!突然这么一看反而觉得怎么我的部落格这么复杂,看了有点心烦。。哈哈~ 好想换换部落格的桌布,换些较清晰,淡淡,看了清爽的。。哇~ 怎么听起来好想我越来越老了?hohoho~

忘了告诉大家,本小姐现在在爱fm实习,还剩下一个星期我就完成任务了~  嗨~可以说是愉快还是懊恼呢? 愉快的是: 我解脱啦~ ; 懊恼的是: 在那之后我要做些什么啊? 回家吗? 是该回的~ 也有半年没回了。。可是,我放得下吗?好多东西我都放不下。。好舍不得。。机票都还没买。。东西也都还没收拾。。




Thursday, April 29, 2010

People are happy. People are now enjoying! But not me.. Still struggling with my FYP. So, don't show off to me that you're free. I'm not free!

Tonight -- finishing as much as I could!

Tomorrow -- Still finishing as much as I could! However, I was asked to help on kerja pendaftaran for my Saturday and Sunday bengkel. Hmm. Photography Workshop.

-- By the way, tomorrow night got Technical Team's Dinner at dunno which hotel.. Forgot dy.. :(

Saturday -- 9am - 5pm - Photography Workshop
-- Night - Packing stuff!

Sunday -- 9am - 5pm - Photography Workshop
-- Night - Pindah rumah!

I'm not free. Very not free. How can I do all this if I not yet finish my FYP??? :(

Bad mood

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Argh! No good mood! ><

1. Sakit badan yang sangat tak selesa! My backbone is pain, my muscles are like after having heavy jogging or swimming. But I didn't! Argh! How many days lagi I have to go through this???

2. House for rent is no longer for us to rent! >< So how? Where to stay? How am I gonna find a room or a house or just a place to stay? When to find? Do I have extra time for that???? Stay at Suet nie's house? How much we have to spend for transport then????

3. Coding data still in process. When can I finish it?

4. Tomorrow exam! What had I study???

No more questions please.. Enough for all this.. I have no extra time for other stuff... And I feel like crying now... ...

Exam - Down - Up!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey people! I had my exam yesterday at 3.30pm and it's bad.. It's not good. It's disappointment.. It's sad.. Honestly I dunno how to answer the case study. What I study doesn't seem to come out in the exam. All the classical theories until contingency theories, leadership, planning.. Hmm.. I was scared enough when I'm out from the exam hall and people are discuss their answer.. Hmm.. I know I might have wrong answer dy.. From 40 marks, I have 15 marks answer with my own opinion.. Haha. Hmm..

So after reach my hostel, I shop! For long time I never shop things that I wanted (at H-Mart je lah :P), I bought sweets, keropok ketam, keropok ikan for my kittens, new pen (as my pen's ink finished yesterday during exam), raisins, and I bought dinner. So everything cost me RM10. I was happy after buying things and after see my kittens eat the fish keropok. :)

Anyway, Suet Nie, please say thanks again for your mum! :) See, your mum never meet me and never know who am I.. But she did a lot for me.. More than a stranger do.. Thanks for letting me feel like at home.. Thanks a lot.. I was touched when you bring lunch from home for me.. Bring drinking water from home for me.. And help me sew my pants.. Hoho.. See I'm touched again! Hehe. Remember say thanks to your lovely mum and don't jealous yah Suet! Hehe.. :P

Okiesh.. Am gonna coding data again! And Jay is going to back from Perlis today! Yeay! :)

1 from 6

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey.. Huh.. I just managed to settle 1 masa siaran from 6 masa siaran I should do.. Huh.. But it's getting better.. Take nearly 10 hours to coding data for only 4 hours! still got 12 hours to kaji.. Gambateh Jj! Well, will stop coding data now.. Bath, dinner then study for tomorrow's exam! Huh.. Give me strength, God!

By the way! Jay! I'm jealous!!!!! Somebody bought new hp! Wheewitttt! hehehe

Borang Kodan

This is just the beginning.. Don't give up, Jing Jing! ^^V

P/S: Actually kinda ting tong.. dat's y main2 kejap yah.. hehe.. alright.. Back to work! :)


I wanna cry arh.. Huh.. Baru coding data from 8am - 9am.. Dah pening!!! Huh.. Still got 15 hours to go! Come on Jing Jing! Huk.. Got some questions takut je buat salah.. Haiz.. Nvm lah.. Buat dulu.. Huh


LOADING... ...

P/S: I'm in this kind of process right now.. Many things happen recently and somehow, I dunno how to face it. But however, it's my punishment for all what I've done. I accept it as my punishment, but I do hope to have a chance to be forgiven.. I was trying to see it from positive site and try not to do the flash back again coz it won't help in this kind of condition right? Dr. Asiah is not only guiding me in doing my work right, but she's guiding me in my life. To face the reality of life, to be brave and go through all the hardships.. Everyone has someone in their life, a special one, to be with you, to help you when you're going hard times. But I never thought that it would be her.. And I thanks God for all the wonders He had done and planned for me.. Jay, thanks for the moment and I apologize if I said anything wrong... Sorry ya dear? As for friends, I have friends those who really care about me and be with me all this while and helping me.. Guys, thanks a lot.. ... Thanks...

For Jay

Monday, April 19, 2010


:( Cannot message or call you.. Sad.. :( Plus now sakit pewut.. Huk.. Panadol da abes.. Huk.. :( And you're so far away.. Huk.. Hungry.. And no more special delivery.. Huk.. :( Kerja tak siap lagi.. And tak dpt nak message you.. Huk.. :( Miss you....... :(

Nak you call call... :(


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ehem! Ehem! hahaha! Wait, back again. Just wanna inform my friends that though my Facebook is still activate, but ho..

Hahahaha! I didn't have the password.

Well, actually I asked Jay to change the password for me so that I won't spend my days or weeks? Haha. Well, on those facebook games and stuff.

For example, I need to clear and cook my dishes in Cafe World, then Hotel City (the new game I just joined), PetVille & Pet Society.

Hahaha! So, currently status: CAN'T LOG IN FACEBOOK! ^^v

Anything just SMS me yah!

in the process back to normal

Yuhuuu! Jing's back! Anyway, latest news about jing? Hmm. I'm currently in the process of *pengjimatan!* Huh. I goreng bihun this morning with egg and bihun + perencah udang. Then now having *telur rebus* as my lunchner! >__<

Anyway, I am now very sakit telinga heard words like counting time, countdown to anything. Huh. I had things not yet done and I had to make it done before I left this uni. >__<

By the way, Jay left me for a week! *Sob sob* He back his hometown dy for a week and was thinking how to go through a week without him! Huk.. Hope he enjoy the time being with his family though.. Will be mishing u! :')

Random Quiz

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate!!!
Big Mac or Whopper: =.= I don't want both..
Coke or Pepsi : Coke
Beer or Wine: Beer taste nicer. :)
Coffee or Tea: Tea please?
Apple Juice or O.J.: Orange! Orange! Orange!!!
Facebook or MySpace: Facebook of course! MySpace seems complicated je...
Summer or Winter: Oh *love* Winter!
Windows or Mac: Oh, do I need to say?
Cats or Dogs: Cats!
Boxers or Briefs: Hmm.. My preference for my future hubby ker? Hehe. I don't mind :)
Rain or Shine : Rain...
Chips or Popcorn: Chips!
Salty or Sweet: Sweety Sweeto Sweeeta!
Plane or Boat: Plane
Morning or Night: Night. :)
Movie or Play: I love both!
Walk or Drive: Walk when I'm emo, Drive when I'm brave enough!
Money or Love: Love.
Breakfast or Dinner: Dinner
Forgiveness or Revenge: Forgive
Paint or Wallpaper: Paint.
House or Apartment: Apartment first choice! :)
Truth or Dare: I want truth, my dear.
Contacts or Glasses: I owned glasses for more than 10 years! So I wish for contacts :)
Root beer or Dr. Pepper: ROot beer.
Skiing or Boarding: Both Both Both!!!
Silver or Gold: Depends. :)
Diamond or pearl: Diamond! :)
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset and sunrise. They have their own beauty..
Phone or in person: Phone
Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Eldest!
Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor is fun!

Leave me alone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Leave me alone. Not in the good mood and don't ask me anything. Don't ask. Just let me be. Will be okay soon. Thanks..

*Special Delivery*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Got my *special delivery* from Jay just now! :) THANKS Jay! ^^3


Monday, April 12, 2010




guide me.

I'm lost..


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Am trying. Am doing it. But why I need so much time to do it? Hmm. Focus. Focus. FOCUS! Jing. Keep going.

good night.

:( Not happy. Gonna sleep. Lights off. Night. :(

From Jay.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A text message from Jay today at 6.35pm. A message that drops my tears. I wrote it on a paper and put in on my soft board. To remind me every second. Stay focus. Jing, think of the people who loves you and help you all this moment.. Your life is not yours alone. Think about your family.. Who put so much hope on you.. ... Have faith, Jing. Never be afraid to stand up and go through the tough moment. Hang on there. There's hope...

... ...

Thanks, Jay.


Lunch with Lurve

Gonna lunch with Jay @ Hentian Kajang and buy some daily stuff too. Weee! Long time din chat with him dy. Oh ya, Jay buy me dinner yesterday and he send it to my kolej.. *Terharu!* hehe. He bought rice, tauge & tomyam chicken. :) Thanks Jay! *lurve* hehe. Okay, I know. Don't vomit at my page. Hahaha! Bye~

Beautiful Morning

Thanks God, for the rains.. Love this weather! :) Woke up at 6am and I smells the rain. Makes me feels like I'm at home. Cozy bed, cool weather. Flash back my memories when I was at home.

Yah, miss my family.. I remembered last time once wake up in the morning of one of the Saturday, then go to the market buy some food to cook. Raining, too. Haha. My flash back is like in the movie whey. Like, extreme close up at the my mom's leg and mine stepping on the water at the floor, cut to close up on us, my mom's hand on my shoulder, another hand holding umbrella, cut to high angle the purple umbrella and us. Hahaha. And all are in slow motion. What lah! Dreaming! Lalalala~ Just ignore me. *laugh*

Well, had my breakfast dy. Maggi curry and a cup of Neslo. :) Oh ya, before had my breakfast, I clean up my kitten's cloth that I put in their box. They Shh Shh at first. Who knows when I put another cloth in the box, they um um pulak. =.= So, clean again. Huh.. No wonder just now not even one wanted to go in the box. It's smelly rupanya. Now they are in the box, sleeping peacefully.. Love them!

Anyway, haha. Ya lah. I know lah. Now continue my work. So back to you after I had any improvement yah! :)


Friday, April 9, 2010

Anyway, when I was uploading the pics just now, I saw the lightning outside my window and it was like so near!

And I actually had close my curtain but I still can see the lightning.

Huk.. Takut!!!!

Where's my Superman? Come and save meeeeeee!!!!!!! hahahahaha

P/S: Jay, are you willing to be the Superman? Hik Hik Hik..

Kittys are B-A-C-K!!!

Hey people, the long story will tell u other day yah! These are the little kittens I meant in my last blog post! HEhE.. I just let the pic do the talking yah! It's raining heavily outside.. *Takuttt!* hehe.. Enjoy~ :)

"I'm the naughtiest! Gagagagaga! :P"

These is what we call, "Mom"... Every mom are the same.
No matter a human, or an animal.

"Nyum.. Nyum.. Nyumm.." It's delicious, for a baby.
But who knows how a mother feels when feeding their baby?
Only mother knows...

They drink for around fifteen minutes.. And they turn up....


Hehe.. Sayaaaaaaaaaang! them!!!

See how cozy the babies are under their mother's arm?
Get your mom a call if she's still here. She misses you.. :)
But if you mom's no longer here, don't be sad..
I believe she don't want to see you sad..
She's at the better place.. :)

The brown kitten: "Ewww... You snores!"
The bottom brown kitten: "Emm... zzzZzzzzz....."

The brown kitten: "Hmm.. Now is better... ... zzzZzzzz...."

The bottom brown kitten: "Oohh! You don't snores but you stink! I don't want u!"

The brown kitten: "Okay.. Whatever... zzZZzzzz... ..."

Oopps! Awake pulak! hehehe.. Shhh.... Okok.. Go sleep lah... Mmmuacks!

From :( to :) to :(

From :( to :) to :(

is because merajuk with Jay.

is because when I wanna go for my bath, I heard meowing from the staircase. Know what? There are 4 kittens! 2 in cream color, one strip with black and white and 1 in black. It's the black cat's kittens. So cute and so adorable. Manage to sayang two of them, the cream color and the strip one. Sayang them, put them on my legs.. :)

They make me sit at the staircase with sun shinning on me. But then, a girl come and took 2 of the black and cream one. As they are so naughty go down the staircase. Probably the girl wanted to bela them. :( Then the sad things come. She come up the staircase and took the another cream kitten.

So sad. Left the strip kitten alone, meowing on his brothers and sisters. The mother cat try to comfort him, came down from the roof and be with him. Then she go down and find her other kittens. Hmm.. Suddenly the girl came again. Asking me whether I want to take that kitten or not. I not yet ready to response but she took it dy. :( I still thought wanna have one or two of them and bring to KL during my internship..

So now, I was so sad.. I miss them.. Not yet ready to take picture with them and they are already taken.. I pray for their health and being happy with their tuan baru.. :'( Will miss you all.. Huk.. Still can't stop dropping my tears.. :'(

Keep on trying!

Anyway, need to back to my work. :( Miss him, Jay. :( Don't like it whenever we are in "temporary COLD war!" :( Don't like it. :( :( :(

P/S: Please allow me to upload this tak-de-kaitan photo. Took it last year during the cat's exhibition at the Spring, Kuching. Cute? :) Tries to be happy though.. :(




Arghh! Motif want to gaduh with me at this time???


Let's ROAR!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey, i was just back from my lunch with anne & leesan. Haha! Chit chatting till 4 something.. Hmm.. Now, let's start the engine and keep going! Huh.. But ho, wait ar.. Mandi first! Hahahahha! Damn hot okay!

Anyway, sambil juga wanna tell you all that I and my friends who are going to RTM for intern had found a house to rent and stay there. Flat, I think. And it's kinda near RTM. So, easier to go for work. Just will be very poor je during this intern. Huk.. Pay for rent, food, transport and blah blah blah. Hmm. But it's a chance for me to experience real life outside there, without mummy and daddy sending me to work or coming back home and have mom's cook. Well, it's not that I don't want, just want to be more independent. Have to go through this too in the future. :)

So, talk to you more soon. Gonna pom pom first lah! And then, let's ROAR! [nak copypaste someone said lah:"thesis mode ON!"] LALALALALALA~ hahaha! just ignore it! :P

P/S: Jay, don't be down lah yah! Everything gonna be fine and just don't worry too much yah!

Kitty's Dinner

WeehoooooOo! Just pop out to tell u guys one thing! My kitten eat rice dy!! Weeeeee! Haha! No lah, at first last time he refuse to eat rice. But last night, he ate it all and i actually tambah for him!

Hehe! Well, I bought a packet of rice with ayam goreng and ikan bakar. Then I campur 3/4 of the fish to 1/2 of my rice, then mix it well until it was like blended rice and fish. Then together with the kulit ayam and some of ayam goreng. After mixed well, I gave it to the kitten (Both black & white kitten). And... they finished it!!!! Hahahaha! Happy!!!

But was thinking, who is gonna feed them when I left for my internship then? :( *sad...*

my 3 meals?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakfast : Meggi goreng [only eat 2 spoon though.. =.=]

Lunch : -

Dinner : *prepare for heart attack lah u all~ Haha* Well, TomYam campur + Nasi putih + Jus Tembikai at Village View, Kepak Ayam Panggang Madu + Pedal Ayam Panggang + Jus Tebu, Air Asam boi & Limau, + Durian. I ate all from 6pm till 11pm. Hoolah! :) A way to be happy though! Lurve food, lurve Jay! :P


Hmm.. Anyway, cannot tahan dy. Gonna cook maggi goreng as my breakfast. Then, going to library. What's coming up next to that is, will be going to Hentian Kajang, buy food probably. Buy some chicken or prawn, rice and vegie. Gonna cook! G-R-R-R-R-R-R!!!


Hey people! Miss me? hehehe. Well, back to you ols~ Hmm.. Many story to share with all of you, so which one you wanna hear? School? Assignments? Jay? Food? Haha!

Well, start with school. :) Congrats to Lipstik Production for the hard work all this days and yah, it is worth for it! Haha. Anyway, through the preview day, actually baru we knew that our audio is not good. Haha. Well, not my audio woman's fault. It's mine. Weeeee! Haha. Nevermind, we learn from mistake. Don't really mind how many marks we would get. We are happy and we learn, right? Well, it goes like this. 3 of the talents' voice is very slow and our background music is too loud. All my mistake for asking louder coz what we heard is slower than the recordings. But anyway, it is a good experience to have this mistake for learning. Very useful for future, gonna very alert with audio! (By the way, as a technicalians for 3 years who are still not aware of audio? *SHAMEFUL!*) Hahaha!

Next will be my thesis. Hmm.. It's a long story.. Not gonna tell you all~ Kah kah kah! Secret! But anyway, I hope for good news and I was working on it. Everyday stay in library makes me crazy! Know how crazy it is? Crazy coz starving OK! And I was starve for CRABS, PRAWN AND FISH!!! Geram OKAY! Was so hungry but cannot have these food. And Oh ya, for right now 4 o'clock in the morning and I was actually looking for places where cooks IKAN STIM! Haha. Anyway, anyone has any idea where to have IKAN STIM, KETAM REBUS or any SEAFOOD at the nearer place around Bangi or Kajang? Prices also, please~ Huk Huk.. I was like teringin nak makan gila2 dy.. And yesterday at library, I was actually google Ketam Rebus's recipe! See how hungry I am.. So that night, end up dinner at McD. Thanks to abg Heri aka daddy for pinjam us his car.. Huks.. ... ... seafood... ... ... :(

sumber: http://sazilimohdnor.blogspot.com/2009/01/kawan-kawan-jom-makan-ketam-rebus.html

*Thanks for the photo yah to this blogger! You make me lagi idamkan ketam!*
Huh.. *faint*

By the way, not only seafood. Haha. So do Laksa Sarawak! Haiz.. Miss home~ :(

And also, mee suah at Kuching.. :(

Well, these are the food that last time I had with technicalians at Soho Restaurant, I think. *Miss!* Miss the food, miss the people.. :(


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hmm.. :( Why am I thinking about you at this time? Argh! Everything is over for more than half years. And I will still think back the memories.. I have struggled in my relationship with Jay just because of you. It takes me 6 months to slowly get over you. And now? Please.. Don't come back. All the memories.. Please stay there.. I don't want to miss you. I don't want to think how are you now. I don't want to care who you are with right now. Arghhh! What in the earth that I still have time to think all about this? Oh my goodness.. Memories.. Please stay there.. Don't come and refresh my mind.. I don't want to repeat my mistakes.. Waiting for you had bring me to sorrow.. Loving you had bring me loneliness.. Though I desire your love for so long but please.. Memories.. I beg you for not coming back.. Coz I wish to have my new life.. My new life with Jay..

A message to myself


Enjoy what you're doing right now. You will reach the finish line. Just keep climbing. Don't worry if you are falling down. Coz you had learn how to stand up again. Don't look back. Just keep going. Enjoy the moment. Coz it will be much easier for you to go through. Don't think of the past which brings you the pain. Enjoy the scene besides you while you are climbing. Try to find the peace and the rhythm. You can do it! :)

Hey people! Sorry. I am with my earphone. So, no phone calls, no message. I will be back after I finish render my video, and also Midas final report. See yoU! :)


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hmm.. It's 5:10pm and it's raining heavily outside. :(

Hmm.. And I not yet finish my Midas thingy. Had finish edit my 9 Midas scripts, have managed to finish 7 reports. Still got 4 to go and one more final report. Planning to finish weekly reports only at 6pm. Hope could make it. Will be back! :)


Exam??!!! Chill la whey.. Assignment not yet settle plus thesis not yet done. No time to think about exam okay. G-R-R-R!!!

Bad Girl

Am a bad girl today. Coz am gonna skip my post moterm and will continue do my work. Still struggle to complete my Midas reports. Argh! I need to be faster! hope at noon I finish the Midas thingy. And I can continue to render my video. Then baru proceed to Dr Samad's report. T__T God, guide me!!!

Oh ya, by the way! forgot to tell you. I need to pay RM15 again!!! Just for lambat daftar kursus. Arghhh! I paid for the awal semester okay! And now pay again? Motif no one tell us... Arghhh! So anyone who not yet daftar Sem 3 kursus for internship, you better go and pay the fine. If not, lagi teruk kot! *BIG SIGH OKAY!!*

:: 5p.m ::

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

*Weeeeee!* I just finished my case study. But sadly, it's not on time. Haha! It's 4p.m right now and I'm damn hungry okay! Haha! Anyway, proceed to Midas reports and scripts until 5p.m! Got to go! Mmuacks!


1.57p.m. Finish my report. Huh.. Going for my next assignment. Case study. Planning to finish at 2.30pm. Gagagaga! RUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now is 1.16p.m. Planning to finish Media Organization Management at 1.30p.m. G-R-R-R! Left kesimpulan je kot.. >_______<

[Jing's life Updated]

Weehaa! Final week dy. Wanna know my latest perkembangan? Hahaha! Well, to answer En. Daud question, my thesis is as usual. :P Anyway, hey people, am gonna present my MCP this Saturday and hand in every document to Dr. Asiah too. So means, am gonna finish my MCP soon. :)

Actually now am in my class. Just finished my Media Organization Management presentation. And trying to finish my report as fast as I could. (hahaha! but still have time blogging? :P) After finish this, am gonna finish my Midas report and all. Then, go on with Dr. Safar's assignment plus render the video of my PB course. Oh ya, last Thursday, had problem render my video in avi format. Dunno why.. :(

Hmm.. Final week. Am not gonna study for my exam. Instead, that's my precious time for my thesis. :) So, got to go. Had to be "rajin" girl now. If not, Jay wouldn't layan me. Haha!

P/S: Jay, thanks for the motivation! Love you! *Weeeeeee!*

I Wanna Grow Old With You

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hey people! :) Yups, there are lots of stuff that I wanted to share with you all. Hehe. But firstly, let me share this song with you. Love this song a lot. :) Hope my prince of my life could sing this song for me one day, as I will say yes, I wanna grow old with you, too! :)

I wanna make you smile,
Whenever you're sad.
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad.
All I wanna do,
Is grow old with you.

I'll get you medicine,
When your tummy aches.
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks.
Oh it could be so nice,
Growin' old with you.

I'll miss you, kiss you,
Give you my coat when you are cold.
Need you, feed you.
Even let you hold the remote control.
So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink.
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink.
Oh I could be the man,
Who grows old with you.

I wanna grow old with you.

P/S: When you wanna sing for me, huh, Jay? Hahahaha! Bwekks! :P


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today, will be our production's MCP recording. Lord, please be with us. Take away my fear. Take away my worried. Calm my heart, calm everyone's heart and mind. Oh Lord, let us work in a team. Tighten the bond between us. We had prepared all this for this moment, just for today. Oh Lord, we pray that everything will go smoothly. We cannot plan it to go smoothly, but we will do our best, and avoid what is not wish to happen. Oh Lord, if there's any sudden things happen, calm my heart, calm my mind.. let us solve it together. Oh Lord, we put everything in your hand and look upon your guidance...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Kawalan adalah satu sistem yang penting dalam pengurusan blah blah blah blah..."

Control, Jing. You have your own body. Control your mind, control your mood. Be in good mood, be energetic, be cheerful. You have Midas today. You might bored the listeners if you're not in a good mood. You'll not be able to finish things if you are not in a good mood. Control yourself, Jing.

Time is not waiting for anyone. I need to finish up my Midas scirpt. 12.30pm on air. Not yet done with Dr. Faridah's case study. 1.3opm have appointment with Dato' Adilah. Tomorrow I have MCP recording. And also my PB presentation. Now, my PB presentation slides are not yet done. So do the video. Not yet finish editing. Everything have to be done today. Help me, Lord. Hang on. You can do it, Jing.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh ya, forgot to tell you. Flu and sore-throat is attacking me! >__<

Oh my, not medicine again..... T__T

I'm back!

"Stay in good mood, Jing Jing.."

Keep on repeating this in my mind and remind myself that bad mood won't get me any further. I need self-motivation as I have tonnes of work that I need to finish up. Still not in the track anyway. :(

By the way, I'm thankful enough to have Jay beside me. He is whom I turn to when I want to be loved. He is whom I turn to when I need a place to rest. He is whom I turn to when I can burst out everything and cry out loud. Jay, I'm sorry whenever Mr. Emotional came to me but honestly I'm thankful that you're always there for me. :)

Another thing, it's a happy news. After nearly one week I lost my kitten, (aka my baby) I found him last night! I cry in front of him while I feed him with the cat biscuits. Feel so much to scold him, but I couldn't. Feel so much to hug him, but he would run even further. Sitting still far from him and drop my tears. Mama missed you so much, baby. Please don't run away again. But I'm happy to see him whenever I'm back my college. Within 3 years I stayed at hostel, first time I wanted to back early to make sure he's there. ♥

This week is the so-called 13th week. Seriously, I hate this. I want more time, please? With all the assignments, I even stuck and dunno where to start. :( Many of us fall sick and kinda tense right now. With the loaded pressure from MCP, with not-yet-done thesis. I cry for this moment. Just to feel much better.

Hmm.. these few days.. Gloomy days for many people. Don't know why. But don't dare to disturb other people as well. Scared will make things getting worse. Pray that everyone will getting better, and going fine within these last few weeks. ♥ you all. :)

Jing Jing's going to run faster so that she could get herself on track. :) Go, Jing. ♥

Everything will be fine

Friday, March 19, 2010

God, lighten my path..
Show me your guidance..

Hold my hand..
And warmth my heart..

Please say "everything will be fine,
Just be strong for this moment.."

Please say "everything will be fine,
Just for a little while,
everything will be fine.."

Yes, everything will be fine...

My MCP Checklist [updated]

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My MCP's Checklist [NEW]

1. Script Assistant's Script [checked]
2. Cameraman's Script [checked]
3. Video Tape Operator's Script [checked]
4. Audio man's Script [checked]
5. Graphic man's Script [checked]
6. Host's Cue Card
7. Backdrop designing & logo
8. Public Service Announcement (P.S.A) [checked]
9. Advertisement
10. Studio Indie's montage [checked]
11. Sok Sek's ID [checked]
12. Jalan Yok's ID [checked]
13. Music Video [checked]
14. Rolling Credits [checked]
15. Save everything to VT
16. Confirmation of props. (Drum, stools)
17. Artist's Contract
18. Food & Beverage during recording day
19. Background Music in CD [checked]

MCP Checklist

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My MCP's Checklist

1. Script Assistant's Script
2. Cameraman's Script [checked]
3. Video Tape Operator's Script [checked]
4. Audio man's Script
5. Graphic man's Script [checked]
6. Host's Cue Card
7. Backdrop designing & logo
8. Public Service Announcement (P.S.A) [checked]
9. Advertisement
10. Studio Indie's montage [checked]
11. Sok Sek's ID [checked]
12. Jalan Yok's ID [checked]
13. Music Video [checked]
14. Rolling Credits
15. Save everything to VT
16. Confirmation of props. (Drum, stools)
17. Artist's Contract
18. Food & Beverage during recording day

only 7 out of 18 is checked. I need to be faster. :(

Memory of December

Hi! Dunno why couldn't really put in the right mood on my assignments. Hehe. Had promise to upload long ago. But didn't have the time yet to upload here. So, post some pics here. Actually what I did the most there is photography. Busy looking for the nice spot taking pictures. Haha. That's why you could hardly see me in the pics. Haha. Anyway, really wish to go there once again. Maybe, one day! :)

This is one of the building in the uni. If I not mistaken, it's Kyong Hee University,
where once I thought I was at London. :)

Look at the building. That's their hall. Their stage are awesome and extremely big! Oh no, not only the stage. Also the seats in the hall! I think it's 20 or 30 times bigger than our uni's hall. :D

I think it's at the Museum. We visit lots of museum. This is one of the military's museum. Jets, rockets, planes, and many more. We had lunch there, it's called wedding hall or something I think. Haha

Oh, I love this place! My friend ended up become my model. Haha. This is one of the museum too! There is a palace and the palace never renovate. It stay as how it is. Awesome, right?

Oh, we had a boring time here. Where our TNC go and find some silk cloth and we end up resting for a while. Haha. You see the smoke? Imagine how cold we are there. :)

We are at airport when this pic is taken. Like this anyway. :)

Nami Island. Which is also Winter Sonata's shooting location. Actually there's a brave general died here and his name is Nami. So the island is named upon him to remembered him. It's a very nice place. Here you can see four different scenes during four different seasons. Cool!

Is the sky from Korea different from Malaysia's? I think it's just the same. :)

One of my favourite picture. I collect some of this leaves. Haha. Since I couldn't bring back the air or snows from Korea, at least I brought back the leaves! :D

Anyway, there're much more pictures. Will upload some other days.
Oh ya, feel free to comment! I appreciate it! :)

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