♥ Checklist Year 2012 ♥

:: Back home at least every 2 months. (Checked)
:: Buy a handphone for my dear mum. (Checked)
:: Bring my family for a trip this year.
:: Own an Ipod touch.
:: Paint my room in November.
:: Buy a car in the end of the year.

April ^^3

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello bloggers! Has been a month! Yah a month I didn't update my blog. So, to pay you guys something in return, I had renew my header! T-a-d-a-a-n-g-g-g!!! How is it? Hehe. Was just thinking that there had been long time I didn't "DIY" my blog. Haha. And this is first step! :)

Anyway, it's #SATURDAY! Okay for today's plan, I should have a swim this morning. ;P Cancelled due to laziness attacking me. Then I should go to KL International Book Fair 2011 at PWTC. It's final 2 days alreday but yet I still lying on my bed and with my lappy on top of my belly? lol. Actually I was planning to go with my Mr. Polar Bear since a month ago but YAH HE HAS TO WORK TODAY! >___< Merajukkk! haha. Anyway, take it easy! Take it easy!!! ;P

Oh, will back blogging again later k? My dear polar bear is calling! :P

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