♥ Checklist Year 2012 ♥

:: Back home at least every 2 months. (Checked)
:: Buy a handphone for my dear mum. (Checked)
:: Bring my family for a trip this year.
:: Own an Ipod touch.
:: Paint my room in November.
:: Buy a car in the end of the year.

Random Post in May

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Omg. I realized that there are lots of things that #lamaixbuat. Like, long time didn't play around with camera (ahh camera rosak! Damn!), long time didn't blog, long time x masak, long time didn't play around with my guitar, even long time dy didn't spend time looking at my own face in the mirror. Ahh. Please love yourself more, my dear!

Well, will do.  :)


Oh yeah, I just bought flight tickets back hometown for mother's day. #FINALLY okay. sigh. I'm broke now. Siapa-siapa pls dun ajak me jalan-jalan or makan-makan. Poket dah koyah! *CRY*

okay just for updates, this is how I look in March. I look worse now. Oh God. @__@

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