♥ Checklist Year 2012 ♥

:: Back home at least every 2 months. (Checked)
:: Buy a handphone for my dear mum. (Checked)
:: Bring my family for a trip this year.
:: Own an Ipod touch.
:: Paint my room in November.
:: Buy a car in the end of the year.

TECH Cutest Baby Photo Contest

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yeap, this is how i look like after long time stay in front of my lappy. Feeling dizzy too. However, just hope that my lappy won't get sick. The brightness is max already though it looks like the button is just at the middle.

Anyway, kinda busy these few days. Hyper tension. Hyper bad memories. Cannot remember most of the stuff, lately, and it's like badly. And, I'm also facing seriously hair-dropped. Ok I don't wanna be bald. :( Still have no actions, yet but soon. After the busy session am facing right now... :S

So, straight forward as I'm little lack of extra time now..

Here's a TECH Cutest Baby Photo Contest! :)It's open to all 0-48 months old babies/toddlers. As long as you're a human, and you have a cutie kid at home, just submit his/her recent photo to contest@k-director.com. :) They welcome all people to join, no matter what races you are, no matter which nationality you are! Cool, rite? :)

For more details, please click HERE

Ohh, and.... They are giving away CASHHH + ANGRY BIRD Soft Toys up to RM530 as prizes! Are you an Angry Bird lovers? JOIN NOW! :)

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